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Mindfulness Class

“Linda was a thoughtful and effective trainer. She skillfully led our class through the process of creating the foundations of a lifelong mindfulness practice using a combination of tools, tenacity and facilitating an exploration and awakening among the class members that was genuine and powerful. I would recommend Linda's class for anyone who is interested in establishing or deepening a mindfulness practice.”

– Christina F

“MBSR is an amazing way to begin to experience peace and comfort within yourself. I found the practice of mindfulness meditation powerful in experiencing myself as whole and adequate.”
- D.L.
“Through the program, I learned to love myself & the world around me more. I am more aware of all the positive around me & how I am a part of something much bigger than I thought. I feel better & sleep so much better – it’s worth the time & effort!”
- J.M.
“Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction harnesses personal power to live a more healthy and conscious life. It is a tool to awaken to one’s inner life and thus experience life in a richer, fuller way. I highly recommend trying it! You won’t be the same.”
- L.R.
“The Stress Reduction Program has changed the course of how I perceive myself and the people around me. Being mindful of how I choose to act, react, feel and think…is bringing me closer to being my authentic self and celebrating my worth and true purpose in life.”
- Jane
“The retreat was amazing – I don’t remember when I’ve felt so relaxed and at peace.”
- Sarah
“I feel more in control of myself, my actions and my thoughts.”
- Robyn
“This …wasn’t just a class for me but a journey.”
- D. E.
“This class has taught me how to live in the present. To stop self doubt, pay attention to how I feel both emotionally and physically. Also to stop going through life on autopilot and be more mindful!”
- DonDrea
“Instead of waking up grumpy and slow, I do a little stretching in my bed…and then lay (there) for about two minutes thinking about my day. Starting every day differently has set a new mentality in me, so I carry myself more positively wherever I go.”
- Jeremy
“With the combination of deep meditation and relaxation, I feel like I have more energy than ever and I can keep control of my emotions – they do not control me anymore!”
- Elena
“My blood pressure is lower …I have lost 7 pounds…I have learned that you have given us the tools for a practical way to get in tune with our bodies and provide our mind and body the physical and mental therapy that will improve our moods, thinking and physical wellbeing. I see and appreciate your hard work and dedication!”
- JoAnn
“This course helped me discover the space within myself to better emotionally navigate my life.”
- Paul
“I have struggled with rage issues. I found the mindfulness approach helpful…this class has helped me realize my triggers and to slowly diffuse the anger. I am happy to pass these coping skills on to my children and find peace in this knowledge.”
- Lesley
“I am more comfortable in “letting life unfold” and being aware of what is going on around me, inside me and my reactions to it all.”
- Connie
“My presence and awareness in my inner space was greatly heightened by taking this class. I very much appreciated Linda’s care and consideration in creating the guided space for this journey.”
- Patrice
“This is an excellent class. The course reminds us of the importance of being kind to ourselves throughout our journey.”
- Jodi
“This course has provided me with the tools I was looking for to make the positive changes I wanted in my life.”
- Sharleen
“This program has taught me that it is not being selfish to take time for myself. It has also taught me how to relax and to focus.”
- Margaret
“I began the MBSR class during a difficult period in my life. I now use the mindfulness practices to help me stay grounded and focused.”
- Patrick
“I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has stress in their life.”
- Tia
“Life transforming! My sleep has improved, stress has been reduced and my patience has grown. I feel calm, healthy and whole for the first time I can remember.”
- Molly
“Linda’s intuitive and graceful approach has made this a simple yet powerful experience for me.”
- Janet
“Once I began to meditate regularly, calmness followed. I also found more clarity of mind and freedom of emotion.”
- Sharon
“Helped me get started, helped me establish the habit, gave me hope and a taste of a new, better way of life.”
- Jeff
“The mindfulness meditation classes allowed me to be present in my everyday life in ways that I was unable to in the past. If your are considering taking the workshop, you will grow and gain insight into your life.”
- Sheila

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