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Why I don't take insurance for the mental health services I provide

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / April 1, 2013 /

People sometimes ask me why I don’t take insurance as payment for the mental health services I provide.  I thought I might explain the reasons having to do with you, the client,  here in my blog as well as on my website.  (I’ll take up the ethical issues for counselors in a future post.) It…

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Counseling – Another Beginning

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / November 30, 2012 /

If you think about it, life is a series of new beginnings.  Each day, each moment, brings an opportunity to begin again. Something is always ending, making way for something new.  We can make the same choices or try something different.  We can look at a situation the way we always have, or we can…

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Thank you for the aches and pains…

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / March 19, 2012 /

I have been feeling very tired and depleted lately.  My back has been crabby and my right foot hurts.  I was noticing all this the other day, and feeling very angry at my body.  Then a thought appeared in my mind…what if my body was doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing to…

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Stress relief in the blueberry patch

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / August 31, 2011 /

I just got back from picking blueberries.  In addition to being a great food with lots of nutritional value, I found the act of picking the berries to be very relaxing! I always feel good when I spend time outdoors, in the fresh air, the breeze and the sun.  As I picked, I found myself…

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"Just breathe, Mom"

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / December 13, 2010 /

The winter holidays can be a pretty stressful time.  We see family and friends in greater numbers and frequency.  Our normal routines are disrupted as we try to fit in as many holiday activities as we can.  Many of us feel a sense of time urgency as we struggle to get it all “done” before…

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The Woods and Wellness

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / September 22, 2010 /

Do you have a special spot where you feel more connected to yourself and the world around you, present in a timeless sort of way? For me, it is in the forest. There are woods near both my house and the family summer cottage on Torch Lake. I go there to commune with nature and…

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Is stress making you sick?

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / November 2, 2009 /

Have you ever wondered what it is about being stressed that makes you feel sick? In the classes I teach, we talk about how the events of our lives and the way we think about them can unleash a torrent of stress hormones and throw our bodies into disequilibrium. When this imbalance becomes chronic, we…

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What is your ratio?

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / September 8, 2009 /

I just finished reading “The Science of Happiness-Barbara Fredrickson On Cultivating Positive Emotions” by Angela Winter. This interview was published in one of my favorite magazines, The Sun, back in May (ok, I’m a bit behind in my reading) and it really hit home for me. Ms. Fredrickson’s thesis is that if we can cultivate…

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Building strong roots for mental health

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / May 27, 2009 /

I have a cottage on a lake in northern Michigan, surrounded by old and mighty trees. They persevere through the most ferocious blizzards and thunderstorms that come up out of the west. Yet each spring, I find trees that have fallen towards the west, by winds that have come from the east. After some contemplation,…

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Don't believe everything you think!

By Linda Oxford, MS, MA, LPC, RYT500 / May 6, 2009 /

How often do you examine your thoughts? Are you even aware that you are thinking most of the time? Most of us are not. And this opens the door for your thoughts to run your life, rather than you. “We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts,…

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